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ANGELSOFT SPHYNX Registered Sphynx Breeder in Aldergrove, BC
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WELCOME to Angelsoft Sphynx Cattery

Angel Soft Cattery is a small registered cattery and Sphynx breeder located in Aldergrove, part of the beautiful Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada.

We offer Sphynx kittens as pets as well as Sphynx kittens for show or breeders. All the cats are HCM tested and are FELV and FIV free. We are a CFA/TICA Registered Sphynx Cattery and we offer worldwide shipping.

The sphynx are a unique breed with a fabulous personality, they are affectionate, happy companion cats. They are sociable, alert and very curious and enjoy the company of other pets.


Though incorrectly thought of an Egyptian cat, in 1966 one of these mysterious mutant genes surfaced on the streets of Toronto, Canada.

What happened to be a naked kitten born in an otherwise normal coated litter was discovered.  This kitten “Prune,” his mother “Elizabeth,” and a few other bald mutations later discovered were the beginning of the early Sphynx breed.

Despite tales of “barnyard breeders” here and there, most of today’s pedigreed Sphynx spring from three females, Q. Punkie and Q. Paloma, who were rescued from the streets of Toronto, Canada and sent to Dr. Hugo Hernandez in Holland in 1980 and a barn cat, Zezabelle who delivered a number of hairless kittens on a Minnesota farm. The offspring from these breedings were sold in the United States, Holland and France and are the foundation of most of our present day  breeding Sphynx.

During the late 1990s cross breeding between domestic short hair and other cat breeds including Devon Rex, American Shorthairs and Domestic Shorthairs has produced a wider gene pool and allowed the modern Sphynx to exhibit most of the eye and color patterns available in many of today’s cat breeds

Although the Sphynx has been called a hairless cat, this is not always accurate. You can find out more about standards on the following links: TICA Sphynx Standards and CFA Sphynx Standards.